About us

The Association of Counselors for Personal and Professional Development in Romania established in agreement with the General Secretariat of the Romanian Government No. 9350 /14.07.2014 and the decision of the Court of Bucharest, sector 2, dated on 30.07.2014 has the main purpose to promote development and counseling for personal and professional development-career guidance – to meet excellence in services, commercial sectors and academic, business, social areas.

The transformation that is taking place at all levels of society, as well as the current state of non-formal training, requires a different approach at a higher level, built on a genuine value system able to bring necessary changes, by raising the level of individual and collective consciousness, stimulating creativity and innovation, creating new jobs and services.

How to achieve the excellence? By seriousness, commitment, enthusiasm!  And support, very much support for each member and for the counseled persons. A graduation diploma is not enough to guide, with success, people in life. The responsibility of a counselor is huge and needs, support, guidance, experience of other specialists. Working with people is complex, delicate and requires many skills to achieve excellence. Moreover, a counselor can not afford errors when it comes to human destiny. Many people need us these days! How can we make them to know themselves better, to grow, to find their meaning in life or at least, to be happier and more optimistic?

Our main goal is to create a professional environment where the counselors will be respected for their status and recognized locally, nationally and why not? internationally. They can develop and perform to achieve excellence, belonging to a well designed system, to connect with well-known specialists in the field and to be dedicated to their profession, considerably improving the perception of the profession and making a difference in the world.

Join us. TOGETHER we will build a brighter future!
Founding Members