The Association of Counselors for Personal and Professional Development in Romania will take any action, will develop any activities and will use any means, opportunities and legal procedures for attaining and achieving the following objectives:

  • recognition and promotion of the professions of counselors for personal development and career guidance at national and international level
  • representation of interests for personal development counselors and guidance on careers besides the authorities draw up laws and regulations in the field of counseling, as well as the realization of the support of new or legislative proposals in this area
  • organization of training programs in the field of counseling for personal and professional development, including partnerships
  • offering certification programs to counselors for personal development and counseling on career guidance
  • permanent updating of information in the field, at international and national levels, in terms of legislation and regulations
  • increase the level of performance of its members
  •  information updating of professional counselors for personal development and career guidance through various means
  • compilation, editing and dissemination of specific teaching materials for information purposes and procedures, relating to the exercise of the profession of personal and professional development, which will become mandatory for its members
  • cooperation with institutions,/organizations from abroad
  • providing training, consulting to all institutions, organizations, companies interested in the profession of personal development and career guidance from Romania and abroad
  • any activity or service falling within the spirit of the objectives referred to above may be carried out by the Association

Board of Directors