Initiating change through the cultivation of personal and professional excellence


Creating an environment of excellence and innovation where counselors for personal and professional development have the opportunity to improve their skills continuously, in order to be able, in their turn, to form generations of high performance and a superior consciousness


  • Innovation by creating new methods and models adapted to the current context
  • Excellence through continuous improvement of the quality of services
  • Integrity through honesty towards oneself and other people
  • Responsibility by assuming awareness of one’s own actions
  • Respect by accepting that each person represents a unique value
  • Efficiency by maximizing transformation impact, at social and economic level
  • Optimism by cultivating positive, constructive attitude towards the world and life
  • Courage through the support and promotion of authentic values, regardless of any obstacle that may appear in ones path
  • Compassion through a full understanding stance towards all those who are facing difficult situations, in various stages of their evolution
  • Devotion through own contribution to the transformation and evolution of society
  • Solidarity by extending collaborative relationships within the community, in order to make a real change